15 Secrets for Nail strengthening

nail strengthening

When it comes to flax, nails start to show their importance, and beautiful, long, white and glittery nails add to the personality of the moon. Some women pay so much attention to their nails that they become their weaknesses, and the effort to make the nails look attractive and attractive is not easy. From large and long nails models to ordinary women, fashion is essential for everyone. Raising nails, protecting them from breakage, giving them a good shape and enhancing their beauty is also an important issue for women. Some women have nails broken frequently, for many reasons, and if they are taken care of, they can avoid this problem.

Today we like to recommend your simple method for strengthening nails. That can be done at home by yourself on a free day too. There are hassle-free but sure ways to make nails strong that break and crack easily.

1. Moisturize your nails.

You should not allow moisture in your nails and use moisturization on them. Olive oil is the best moisturizer to nourish the nails and retain moisture in them. The reason for the vitamin E in it. The nails help ease the flow of blood and even fix broken nails. Massage your nails for five minutes before going to bed and then look amazing.

2. Stop biting nails

Some women have been a habit of biting nails since childhood. And it was too bad. Because the part of your fingers needs to be gripped by that, picking it here or using your fingernails to find things all day. Causing bacterial infection easily too, so the first thing to do is stop biting your nails now!! To restore the health of the nails and side of the nails to be healthy again.

3. Cut the nails to suit the period

We should choose the time to trim nails when our hands have just passed water such as washing dishes, washing clothes, rubbing the house or just taking a shower. The fingernails are soft, soft, making it easier to trim and decorate. Or you can soak your hands with warm water for 5 minutes before cutting your nails as well.

4. Use of lemons

Vitamin C is found in the nails which are very useful for strengthening nails and the first nails also the lemons are very useful.

5. Coconut oil for strengthening nails

Coconut oil is a good antioxidant and protects nails from damage to free radicals, while it also has antibacterial and fungal properties. Do this until it is absorbed.

6. Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is very beneficial for strengthening nails, add a teaspoon vinegar in a glass of warm water to use it and soak the nails in it for a few minutes, repeat this process daily.

7. Egg yolk and honey

Mix one egg yolk into 1/2 teaspoon of hot honey and apply this mixture on nails and surrounding skin and leave for fifteen minutes and then wash. Egg yolk contains vitamin A and fatty acids, which are effective for weakening and strengthening nails.

8. Linseed oil

The oil contains high amounts of fatty acids which are effective for nails development. Apply this oil on the nails and massage it for a few minutes.

9.Treatment for raw onion nail strengthening

The onion smells unpleasant and tearful, but it is a natural ingredient that is effective in making nails strong. There’s nothing more annoying than ugly hands and nails, so take care of your nails with onions.


It is a type of vitamin that protects and strengthens nails.

11. Papaya, almond oil, and eggs

Good for nails and cuticles, these ingredients contain nutrients to keep your nails healthy and moisturized, helping to keep your nails healthy. Mix about 20 ml of papaya juice, 2 g of almond oil and a spoonful of egg yolk, and apply it to your nails and cuticles with a small brush. Repeated daily rinsing with cold water after 30 minutes is effective for strengthening nails.

12.Mint and chamomile

Mixing mint and chamomile protects your nails from irritating environmental ingredients.  Prepare 20 g of chamomile, 4 mint leaves, 250 ml of water, a little olive oil and 2 spoons of flour. After simmering chamomile and mint in hot water for 30 minutes, add olive oil and flour, mix in a bottle, rub the area with nails and cuticles, wait 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

13. Olive oil
The essential fatty acids and antioxidants found in olive oil contain nutrients that are effective in strengthening nails. Soak your fingertips in a bowl of about 60 grams of olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice and repeat each day for 15 minutes to strengthen nails. You can use olive oil a few times instead of just using it once, and olive oil has a lot of ingredients that protect your skin, so you can get the effect of softening the skin around your nails.

14. Aloe vera treatment 

As many of you know, aloe has many good effects. It is very helpful for making nails strong. Mix 1 tablespoon of aloe vera + 3 drops of olive oil, soak this gel in a cotton pad and repeat the application on your hands!

15. Onion Treatment

Onions have a strong odor and may hurt your eyes when cutting. But this onion has ingredients that make nails stronger! Cut onions, put nails in them and hold them for 15 minutes to strengthen your nails.