20 effective ways to solve your memory problems

memory problems

There are two types of memory problems. A live stream in which new information was stored in the brain. Human memory occurs in many ways. One part of the at once but some types of memory instead, it stays with us for a long time.

Since the moment we opened our eyes to see the world Our brains have to begin to receive large amounts of data. Which has both our own and other issues around us? Therefore, the question arises: How can we stick to everything we learn and experience? The answer is memory.

Memory problems cause mental weakness that can be caused by an injury to the brain or some kind of abnormal mental distress, stress, etc.

1. Sleep helps you to better organize your memory.

This is because sleep is a period of composing and assembling memory, which causes insufficient sleep in people to always have problems trying to remember or learn new things.

2. Go outside the Comfort Zone.

Most adults and older people use the same skills. In everyday life, for example, using the same work skills every day,Drive to the same route. This is a behavior that will make you feel safe and know that you are doing well. But at the same time Repeatedly using the same skills Instead, it blocks the work and creativity of the brain.

3. Use a different font style

If you regularly send emails to coworkers using bold And underlining which will help To be able to remember important things well However, using a different font will work better for your memory.

4. Use fish for memory

Using fish meat also increases mental capacity.

5.Vitamin B complex 

Vitamin B complex also enhances human memory. They are also available in dairy products. B complex is also present in fish, eggs and vegetables.

6. Make photos and boost your memory

We make a list of goods photos when we go out to shop, but if you want to improve your memory, take pictures of the goods instead of writing them down.

.7. Lavender oil

This is an old trick that still works. The fragrance of lavender has properties that help our body and reduce our memory problems.

8. Do nothing to relax the mind

 If healthy people took a break immediately after remembering something, they would miss those things more. Therefore, you should also try to keep your mind quiet for some time after reading and writing something.  This will help you to enhance memory.

9. Exercise helps you recall memories.

Scientists have said that physical and mental exercise is not only good for our brain but rather it improves our memory.

10.Twenty-one minutes of treatment

Twenty to thirty minutes a day is involved in some kind of dynamic activity that accelerates your heart rate. Mental and physical health is good for you. Keep busy.

11.Green tea

Japanese Buddhists are said to have been meditating for hours while remaining calm and active, due to their active ingredient in green tea, L-Thiamine. According to the study, L-ThiAnine reduces the increased heart rate and reduces blood pressure and is associated with the disease.

12. Take your meals at a time

Always have nutritious, timely meals. Emphasize the energy of the body and memory rather than the taste of the tongue. Include an Omega-3 diet containing food.

13. Go and Explore

Go to new places and explore them without a map or GPS.

14.The study

If your brain is meaningless, the best way to clear it is to do what you can to keep it. When you study the information, in particular, you automatically forget the nearest relevant content. This phenomenon, which encourages recovery, effectively tidies up your mental wardrobe.

15. Chewing gum will improve your memory.

What makes chewing gum help to remember is because it adds activity to the Hippocampus, which is an important part of the brain for memory. In another theory, it is assumed that chewing gum increases oxygen and allows us to concentrate and focus on things better.

16. Drink coffee to develop memory together

In a recent study, it was found that eating caffeine tablets after learning something will improve memory recall.

17. Meditation helps improve Working memory

Meditation can shape the brain and help improve memory. Working memory is the part that we use almost every day.

18. Eating berries can help improve long-term memory

Studies from the University of Reading and Peninsula Medical School found that people who dieted with Gibbs for 12 periods At hit found that having the ability to use With results beginning in the third-week memory better than before.

19. Use Almonds and increase your memory

In the morning as a medicine, soak the almonds and nuts in the morning, soak them at night and chew them with milk. Almond gives strength to both our memory and health.

20. Always learn and improve memory

It may be too difficult for adults to dare to try new skills by themselves. Dr. Rachel then recommends that Therefore, hire a teacher or buy a course. This will be a way to help you discipline and develop faster. And everyone will know that No one is too old to study, and regardless of age, everyone is still a good student.