28 Steps to better breathing in Asthma

The most common lung disease is asthma that can cause difficulty breathing. This condition can lead to inflammation of the lining of the lungs, as well as airway obstruction and many other symptoms, including cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing, etc. Although you cannot treat asthma symptoms when you have a recurrence, the following ingredients

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stop your cough with bronchitis

10 ways to stop your cough with bronchitis

Do you often experience persistent cough that doesn’t stop? You could have a very irritating bronchitis cough. The condition, known as bronchitis, causes symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath and mild fever. Bronchitis is a disease that can be acute or chronic. Bronchitis usually lasts less than one weak but the person’s coughing may

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children cough

Home remedies for children cough

Home remedies for irritable cough in children: what helps? If children are plagued by cough, parents particularly like to use home remedies for the irritable cough. They are considered the gentle, natural alternative to medication. But be sure to pay attention to whether other symptoms appear and the cough really resolves. Especially in small children,

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home remedies for annoying cough

5 Home Remedies for annoying cough

Do you have an annoying cough? We’ll tell you which home remedies for cough really help. This will stop the scratching in the throat. No question: irritable cough is annoying. He likes to appear as a typical symptom of a cold when the sore throat and runny nose are slowly subsiding. In return, he often

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inhalte against cough and mucus

Inhale against cough and mucus

Many home remedies for cough have in common that their effectiveness is often not proven beyond doubt in scientific studies. Home remedies can make it easier for the organism to deal with the cough. The most common recommendation to people suffering from a cough for colds is: inhale. Pour hot water into an inhaler with

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