DIY Face MAsk

List of “How to make your own face mask”

1.How to Sew a Fabric Face MaskA sewing pattern to use with common household materials (By Tracy Ma and Natalie Shutler) 2. How to sew your own fabric mask by Washington Post 3. Face Mask Sewing pattern by Craft Passion 4. Facemask: A picture tutorial. 5. How To Make a Face Mask

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nail strengthening

15 Secrets for Nail strengthening

When it comes to flax, nails start to show their importance, and beautiful, long, white and glittery nails add to the personality of the moon. Some women pay so much attention to their nails that they become their weaknesses, and the effort to make the nails look attractive and attractive is not easy. From large

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memory problems

20 effective ways to solve your memory problems

There are two types of memory problems. A live stream in which new information was stored in the brain. Human memory occurs in many ways. One part of the at once but some types of memory instead, it stays with us for a long time. Since the moment we opened our eyes to see the world Our

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pain bursitis

16 Helpful ways to ease your pain in bursitis

Bursitis means inflammation of the bursa. Bursitis is also known as swelling and redness in joints. The condition of bursitis is painful and is caused by inflammation or irritation of the bursa. Bursa is a sac filled with greasy fluid and is located between tissues such as muscle, bones, tendons and skin. The most common

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varicose veins

16 Helpers and Healers of Varicose Veins

The conditions in which the veins become twisted and widen. In addition to beauty problems, varicose veins can cause pain or discomfort. Varicose Veins have been impacting people from different walks of life. Some people suffer from the disease because of their jobs, because of their constant sitting or standing, and some women suffer from pregnancy. This disease,

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body odor

12 secrets to Eliminate body odor and feel fresh

Sweating sometimes causes body odor, which seems obvious to everyone. Particularly negative is the negative aroma of the underarm or armpits. This is a natural action, by which the temperature of the body is controlled. At the same time, many times this sweat becomes the cause of body odor. Due to this body odor, many times even your own people

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oily hair

13 Neutralizing solutions of oily hair

You probably wash your hair every morning, but after 2 hours you are again oily. There are some glands to protect your hair naturally.  For various reasons these glands can release a lot of fat , such as hormonal fluctuations, this can be due to the natural texture of your hair or your hair hereditary

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chapped hands

22 Soothing tips for chapped hands

Have you ever felt a rough hand? Especially when shaking hands, it must be very embarrassing and insecure. Yes, the hands do not get enough attention, do not be surprised if it is not smooth. Poor care of the hands can result in roughness and skin peeling. Ther are some effective natural remedies for dry and

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travel insurance

Your Travel Insurance Might Now Cover the Coronavirus

The situation of the world is drastically changing due to the rapidly spreading viral infection. All the sectors of a country are frequently effecting by this sudden outbreak. Like other departs, traveling to different areas now becomes a big question. Whether your travel insurance for coronavirus will cover you suggest the following potential points; where you are

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workplace corona

Your coronavirus workplace questions answered

After the virus outbreak, there is a grave concern regarding how to earn money in COVID-19? As there is the least chance to travel during coronavirus to avoid human contact that is the reason that the business world is not running in the same way as before.  Many companies and their employees are changing their criteria of working

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