travel dreams

Why the coronavirus won’t ruin our travel dreams

We love to travel; it’s our first love, vocation, job ad even hobby. The increasing restrictions on visiting to minimize the spread leave no choice for us but to stay homes in COVID-19. Several people may be skipping their tour plans and prefer social distancing in respect to this outbreak. But people like us whose travel

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oil prices crashing during corona

Why Oil Prices Are Crashing and What It Means

Per the latest information, oil prices have undergone their biggest fall since 1991 due to several reasons, and the recent viral explosion is one of them. The oil prices after pandemic viral infection are dwindling, and it started from China when this country reduced its oil demand. The oil prices after the coronavirus outbreak have dropped over 20% from

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travel bans during covid-19

Which Countries have Traveled Bans?

After the WHO (World Health Organization) announcing the coronavirus explosion a pandemic, last week, many countries around the world have been revising their traveling policies. Travel during coronavirus has now become a prominent issue recently. Following are the restrictions at some famous destinations; Germany Germany restricted the European Union travel in COVID-19 by plane from Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, and

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interest rate for mortgage

What will a 0% interest rate mean for mortgages?

Coronavirus is spreading with uncontrollable rates. It does not only impact the human health but also has profound impacts on the economy of most states as there is the strictness of social gatherings in any case, so it badly influences many businesses like real estate in COVID-19. And now the government is taking initiatives to combat

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investment plan covid-19

What should you do with your $101(k)? Don’t panic

During the pandemic situation, every person is trying to assess his financial impact hat this virus is causing. From the short term liquidity to long term problems such as retirement planning, it can look like your finances have been become very vulnerable. But the people who have $101(k), this financial issue can bring opportunity for

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Coronavirus Anxiety

What Parents can do to Face Coronavirus Anxiety!

If you feel distressed about coronavirus, you are not alone. This pandemic viral infection has negative impacts on almost every aspect of people’s lives, and you have to stay home in COVID-19 spread. It affects the way we live daily because the workplace and schools closed recently. It’s quite natural to experience anxiety of COVID-19 outbreak due to sudden

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vaccin covid-19

Want a coronavirus vaccine? Fund the research!

Coronavirus is the biggest disaster of 2020. The whole world is suffering through this pandemic disease. All the scientists are racing and increasing their pace to find the vaccine for Coronavirus. Everyone is waiting for its valid treatment and needs beneficial medicine for COVID-19. In that condition, we will see who will discover vaccination for COVID-19?  According to

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